Jerimiah D. Syme is a Utah artist whose work in graphite pencil and charcoal reflects a passionate interest in nature. During his years in New York he has also explored urban landscapes and figures He has an MFA from The Long Island University-Post Campus. His illustrations of Chinese poems adapted by John Digby include 

            Riverside Scene (2009), 6" x 7" poem by Tu Fu with three illustrations. $12.00

            Among Friends (2009), 5 ½ " x 8" poem by Tu Fu witlh three illustrations. $6.00

            Egret and Fish (2009), Wang Wei poem edapted by John Digby as a Farthing Poets Card. $3.00

            The Wang Wei Project (January 2010), 8 1/2" x 7" e-hon style folded booklet showing several stages in the development of pencil drawings that illustrate 7 Wang Wei poems adapted by John Digby. $12.00

            Jerimiah D.  Syme (April 2010), 5 ½ " x 8" critical essay about the artist’s work by Joan Digby, copiously illustrated by the artist. $8.00