Prehensile Pencil Publications is home to two imprints: The Feral Press and The Poet's Farthing Cards. Poetry up to  20 pages  and  prose manuscripts of up to 5,000 words may be sent as attachments to feral@optonline.net  ( Word, Times New Roman 12 pt.). Illustrations should be sent as high resolution TIFF or JPEG files. Our print run  is 100 numbered copies.  Author/illustrator receives 10 copies.


The Feral Press publishes short works of a singular nature—poems, essays, stories—works that gain strength from being isolated or suitably illustrated. Productions of the press are strictly black and white, including the collages, engravings or photographs that accompany texts.  While many private presses focus on hand-made papers and letterpress printing, The Feral Press makes deliberate use of ordinary materials—acid free commercial papers and cover stock, digital images and computer production.  The emphasis of the press, therefore, is on the work itself, the information and the message rather than the materials and craft generally associated with small presses.

The Poet’s Farthing Card imprint invites poets to submit a single poem to be published with an illustration. 

 Among both artists and authors are a range of creative people from the most well known to relatively new and emerging. New media environments encourage a growing democratic trend in publications of all formats. While The Feral Press maintains its devotion to print copies, it encourages writers and artists of both print and electronic “persuasion” to submit work.


About Our Artists 

Feral Press Artists work as interpreters of literary texts.  Their black and white expressions use a variety of media: pencil and ink drawing, collage, charcoal and photography.  While they are “on assignment” from the press, they are free to approach the text in style and form as improvisers rather than illustrators. The press is always seeking additional artists to work with new manuscripts.

About Our Authors

The Feral Press is the primary imprint of Prehensile Pencil Publications. Our authors write poetry (including translations into English), short fiction and essays. The press accepts work by both established and emerging writers. We are seeking whatever is unique and original. We accept unsolicited manuscripts and may request to see additional work. Our booklets range from a few pages to a few dozen pages. All are illustrated by artists working in various black and white media. Authors are welcome to suggest collaboration with artists of their own choice. Manuscripts and art work should be sent as email attachments to feral@optonline.net Authors and artists can expect a reply within six months.